Our Financial Solutions

At AVB, we follow a holistic and personalized approach to financial planning. In order to ensure that all your financial needs are adequately met, we encourage you to make an appointment with Angela so that we can complete a face-to-face financial needs analysis with you.

A financial needs analysis will provide us with your current and future financial priorities and the budget within which we have to work.


Local Investment
Unit Trusts
Tax Free Investments


Retirement Annuities
Provident Fund
Pension Fund


Short Term Insurance
Individual Insurance (Household & Car)
Commercial Insurance

Within a financial needs analysis for small and medium businesses, we can also determine the pension fund needs of your employees and their health care requirements and then provide a financial solution for your business.

Getting to know us

Founded by Angela van Breda, AVB Financial Solutions is a female-owned, South African business committed to providing our clients with unbiased, honest and reliable services within all the different facets of financial planning.

We actively seek out solutions; we research products and options all in an on-going effort to preserve and to create wealth. Our emphasis on personal service puts us way ahead of the pack. Not for us the cold, disembodied, call-centre route!

We know our clients by name; we respect and value them; we treat them with warmth, genuine interest and friendly concern. ‘Loyalty’ in our dictionary is a dual carriageway that works very well for us!

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