With Discovery Life, health and wealth truly go hand in hand

With Discovery Life, you can get initial premium discounts of up to 32% as upfront credit for your good health, with the ability to maintain this discount by managing your health and wellness. You simply have to link your Life Plan to your other Discovery products through Integration.

Your health and wellness management can also result in up to 50% of your life insurance premiums being paid back to you every five years in PayBacks, with the ability to receive a guaranteed portion of your premiums back every year for the first 10 years.

How does PayBack work?

By managing your health and wellness, you reduce your risk of claiming for a life-changing medical event. This creates a saving for us which we can share with you through a return of some of your premiums.

Since the PayBack benefit was launched it has been one of the most successful drivers of behaviour change and long-term sustainability. To date, we have paid out over R3.4 billion to our policyholders, with the total for 2017 equating to more than R2.3 million paid every day.