The Smart Life Plan is Discovery’s life cover option for young adults, available at a reasonable premium to suit your lifestyle, and flexible to suit your cover needs.

The Smart Life Plan offers qualifying young adults aged 18 to 28 comprehensive and flexible cover including:

  • Life cover that pays out a lump sum to help protect your financial security. It also includes Automatic Parent Funeral Cover.
  • Severe Illness cover that provides protection against the impact of a life-changing illness.
  • Capital Disability cover that pays a lump sum to help protect you against the impact of becoming disabled and being unable to earn an income.
  • Income Continuation cover that pays out monthly to maintain your lifestyle in case of injury or illness, to the extent that you are unable to do your job. On permanent disability, the benefit includes a Promotion Tracker that increases your monthly payout to account for promotions you may have earned.
  • Conversion to a Classic Life Plan at the age of 30, giving you access to our full suite of benefits tailored to your needs.

Earn PayBack on your Smart Life Plan

You can get up to a 32% premium discount by linking your Smart Life Plan to your other Discovery products, plus up to 100% of your premiums back in PayBack by keeping active. This ensures that you benefit from your positive lifestyle choices and removes any unnecessary costs of your life insurance.