You’ve worked hard to ensure the success of your business, now be sure that it is protected

The Business Life Plan helps you to protect your business by allowing you to select cover for disability, severe illness and death with a range of comprehensive benefits. You can also get a 50% discount on lump sum disability cover for the first three years of your policy.

Tailor your business insurance to suit your needs

  • Key-person cover protects your business against the loss of your skills and expertise or that of your business partner.
  • Buy-and-sell agreements ensure the seamless transfer of ownership of your business and protecting your family’s shareholding when you pass.
  • Contingent liability insurance cover any outstanding business loans you may be standing surety for or any outstanding debt.

The Business Life Plan gives you value even if you don’t claim

Not only does the Business Life Plan protect your business, but we will reward you for taking care of your health:

  • Get an upfront premium discount of up to 32% by linking your Business Life Plan to your

other Discovery products through Integration and control your future premium adjustments

by managing your health and wellness.

  • Get five-yearly payments from the Principal PayBack Fund, which is adjusted annually

based on how well you manage your health and wellness.