We ensure that you will be covered for life’s uncertainties

Discovery Life’s Severe Illness Benefit is a market-leading product that ensures that you are covered for life-changing events, even after you’ve claimed with us. The Discovery Smart, Classic and Purple Life Plan range allow you to claim against your cover for severe illness regardless of whether the subsequent claim is for the same medical condition or not, or whether it’s for a lower, same or higher severity condition.

You’ll also benefit from comprehensive cancer protection

On the Smart, Classic and Purple Life Plan range with the Life-Time Severe Illness benefit, you automatically have access to the Cancer Relapse Benefit. With this benefit, you can get up to an additional payment of up to 100% upon relapse of cancer after one year of being in remission. This is paid out to you in addition to the progressive cancer payment, so in total, you could get up to 365% of your sum assured for a specific type of cancer.

In 2017, R197 million was paid to clients who’ve had prior severe illness claims with us. The importance of covering related illnesses regardless of their severity is also evident from our 2017 claims statistics, where 44% of claims for subsequent related conditions were for lower and same severity illnesses.

We don’t want to think about the worst happening, but be sure you’re covered if it does.