Marilyn Bradley is a Wellness Strategist that is passionate about bringing awareness to Management and Staff alike of the importance of Wellness in their personal and professional capacity.

Often overlooked, Wellness is the lynchpin between resources and success of businesses more than ever before. At the heart of every company, is the engine that drives it. Every member of staff plays an essential and important role in the success and fluidity of the bottom line.

She has flourished in the industry and has been fortunate enough to meet and work with some of South Africa’s top executives and companies.

Her experience is not only acquired from certain academic courses, but she relies on the practical experience and difficult challenges that she has faced from personal experience. This gives her the edge on theory and she promotes practical thinking and problem solving in a witty and engaging manner.

“Life can change in a millisecond” she says. “Are we ever prepared for that?…Isn’t this something that happens to OTHER people?” Sadly, we are finding that the accelerated pressures of life, can inflict some of the worst and trying times in any one of us. Her strategies are to limit anxiety, depression, self-doubt, worry, fear and panic with solid solutions that are customized to each and every business and individual. Her Corporate Presentations are also bespoke and she is as passionate about delivering Management’s vision, as she is in ensuring that staff are happy and well balanced to carry out the mission successfully.

Mobile: 082 784 4440