01 You get Unique and Innovative Car Insurance
With Discovery Insure, you get market-leading comprehensive car insurance at highly
competitive rates. Our innovative vehicle cover also offers unique benefit features, including
Write-off accelerator and Retail value booster. You also pay no excess in the event of theft related
or weather-related claims, and if an accident was caused by an insured third party.
In addition, you have the option to join Vitality Drive.

02 You get comprehensive and flexible Home Insurance
Discovery Insure gives you insurance that is comprehensive, flexible and affordable to
protect your home contents, buildings and portable items. Insuring your home with us also
has its benefits – you get our Online Vault, estimated maximum loss and Home Assist benefits
at no extra cost. You also pay no excess if you have a valid claim for damage caused by theft,
hijacking, hail, storm or fire.

03 You get rewarded for driving well with Vitality
Vitality Drive is Discovery Insure’s unique driver behaviour programme
that rewards you for driving well. You can earn up to R800 of your
fuel spend back each month. You also get other rewards like a 0% car
insurance renewal increase for Diamond status drivers, the ability to use
your rewards for driving well to fund new tyres, discounted car washes,
free popcorn or drinks with Active Rewards, and up to 25% off selected car
seats. When you’re not driving, you can get home with up to 25% off Uber
and our other DriveMe partners. Vitality Drive also provides you with the
ultimate reward: unique safety features to ensure your safety on the road.

04 Intelligent technology to keep you safe
Recognised through various international awards, DQ-Track, our advanced telematics
technology, not only measures your driving behaviour but automatically provides you with
state-of-the-art safety features, such as Impact Alert, where we send emergency help if you’re
involved in a vehicle accident, even if we can’t get hold of you. You’d also get weather warnings
to alert you of imminent, severe weather events as well as the ability to use your smartphone
as a vehicle panic button*.
* only available on the smartphone-enabled DQ-Track

05 Unique and easy claim services
We continually create new and better ways to give you excellent service and ensure fast
and fair claims resolution. You have access to many ways to log your claims, including our
Self-approved claims feature where you can approve your own geyser and vehicle glass claims
within minutes. You can also track the progress of your claims online or on your smartphone.
You even get a replacement for your lost or stolen specified electronic devices within 48 hours
– or we’ll waive your excess.

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